Sea Cucumber

The ‘ginseng of the sea’, the sea cucumber has been used in cooking for over 1000 years. It is a delicacy that is used for human consumption from ancient times and yields many health benefits. The harvested product is commonly referred to as Haishen, Hoisom(Haysem) in Mandarin.Hai means sea and shen means ginseng. Haishen or sea cucumber is considered as a nutritious food from the the sea in Chinese descent community.

Sea cucumber is flavourless but has the ability to soak up the flavours of food and seasonings it is cooked with. It is used in many asian cuisine. Braised mushroom and sea cucumber, Braised sea cucumber with broccoli, sea cucumber and chicken soup and braised sea cucumber in oyster sauce are some of the more popular dishes commonly seen.

海参已被用于烹饪了1000多年。它已被视为‘海的人参’,是一种细腻而拥有许多健康福利。它能预防癌细胞的增长和扩散和助于缓解治疗风湿关节炎患者的疼痛。 海参有能力吸收食物或调味料的味道。它用于许多亚洲美食。红烧蘑菇和海参、西兰花、海参、鸡汤海参红烧和蚝油扒的海参是一些常见和受欢迎的菜。

Sandfish Sea Cucumber

The sandfish sea cucumber is the most commonly seen and found sea cucumber in supermarkets and restaurants and is constantly in great demand. Household consumers will recognise it as a sea cucumber often used in cooking. Moreover, its meat is easy to manage when comes to cooking and preparing dishes; it does not take a long time to prepare.


Teatfish Sea Cucumber

Of the three main types of sea cucumber, the Teatfish is the most unique. It is one of the most premium large edible sea cucumber, with thick, succulent and tender meat and excellent quality.

三大類海參中,豬婆參最別具一格。猪婆参 又称“白石参”“白瓜参”和“港石参”等,是一种大型食用海参,肉质厚嫩,品质较好。

Taiwan Argentina Cuttlefish

Taiwan Argentina cuttlefish is known as the King of cuttlefish around the world. This cuttlefish is superior in both in flavor and meat texture. It is considered as a delicacy in most parts of the world. Our company holds the sole distributor rights for this exquisite species of cuttlefish for Malaysia and Singapore.

台湾阿根廷墨鱼被称为世界各地墨鱼的国王。这种墨鱼优越在味道和肉质。它在世界大部分地区已被视为一种细腻。我们公司拥有独家经销商的权利, 分发这个精致的墨鱼物种到马来西亚和新加坡。

Benefits of Sea Cucumber

  • Contains Chondroitin sulfate which works well to combat arthritis naturally.
  • Able to kill cancer cells, especially pancreatic cancer cells.
  • Contains lots of fatty acids that are great for wound healing — fatty acids such as palmitic, oleic, and stearic, and vitamins such as vitamin A, vitamin B1, B2 and B3 and calcium and iron.
  • Combats impotence, kidney and reproductive problems
  • Very high in protein that can lead to a lowering of cardiovascular disease.
  • a good antibiotic and anti-inflammatory agent too.
  • Effective in treating high blood pressure, hypertension and coronary heart diseases.
  • Aids in the elimination of hemorrhoids, peptic ulcer treatment, high cholesterol, diabetes and prevention of cancer.
  • 含有硫酸软骨素,可以防治关节炎。
  • 杀死癌细胞,特别是胰腺癌细胞。
  • 含有大量的脂肪酸。它非常适合用于伤口愈合-脂肪酸如棕榈酸、油和硬脂酸、和维他命A、维他命B1、B2和B3、钙和铁。
  • 用于阳痿,肾脏和生殖的问题
  • 含有非常高的蛋白质,可以降低心血管疾病。
  • 一个很好的抗生素和消炎剂。
  • 治疗高血压与冠心病、消痔疮、治疗胃溃疡、预防癌症等。可滋阴补肾, 壮阳温补,对胆固醇过高及糖尿病患者的病情好圈。