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Company Profile Overview

Established in 1987, William Koo Sea Product Processing Factory recognized a need for processed sea cucumbers. The company industrialized the Sea Cucumber and wet Cuttlefish processing method and pioneered the mass production and storage method for it, making it affordable for the masses to consume. Throughout the years, we have continuously improved our methods and mechanized our processes which resulted in better quality control and allowed us to keep our prices low. By the 21st century, we have started importing high quality frozen seafood such as shrimp, fish and scallop from Vietnam, China, Thailand and Indonesia to cater to our customers’ increasing needs.


Annually, our company has been able to produce 250 tons of sea cucumber and 250 tons of cuttlefish. We have yet to reach our full capacity. Thus, it is with confidence and assurance, we are able to maintain a consistent supply of excellent grade sea cucumber and cuttlefish.


At William Koo Sea Product and Processing Factory, we have developed our own OEM packaging and as a value added service, we do cater to our customers’ needs by packing for them in their OEM packagings.

在森必發 海 產 品 加 工 廠,我们开发我们自己OEM包装。我们也为顾客做他们的OEM包装,作为一个增值业务。


Address and Contact

62 Woodlands Terrace, Singapore 738467

Tel: (65) 6269 2129 Fax: (65) 6265 8368


Managing Director: Mr Koo Dat Way

Business Development: Mr Koo Dat Yong

Operation Supervisor: Mr Tan Yuan Jieh

Sales Executive: Mr Samuel Tay